domingo, 26 de octubre de 2014

Welcome Oliver

We like to give a very warm welcome to everyone  who would join our classes.

This year we have been very lucky for having with us an English teacher. He is great fun and we like him very much.

His name is OLIVER. We almost know all about him, because we have asked  him all we could ask with our knowledge of the language he speaks!

He is from Manchester, but when he was a child he lived in a small village called Didsbury, 
and at present he lives in Manchester, but now he studies at The University of Sheffield in Yorkshire where he studies languages: Spanish, Portuguese and Italian,. WOW!!!

Althoug this year he´s living in Toledo with us. 

He´s got a sister older than him and he likes cooking. 
He has shown us some images of his beautiful city and  we would be delighted if we could go there to visit it.
The weather there is much more colder than here, much more! And sometimes it snows! Here in Toledo, we can hardly ever see any snow. How lucky he is! We would like to play in snow and make swnomen!

The most important thing is that he teaches us English and Sciences, but mainly he teaches us things about his country and we can ask him as many questions as we like  that he always answers us with pleasure and a smile. We can speak with him and... he is going to tell us stories, tales... and we will be able to make some plays.


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