miércoles, 21 de octubre de 2015

Welcome Abi!!

We like welcome people who came to stay with us for some period of time, sharing things, feelings... and we thank them for giving us their work as a present. We appreciate them and we are delighted with them.
This year it´s ABI,  who came from Liverpool in England.
She is our English  teaching assistant  and she will be with us this school year till Mai once a week in each class.
She is beautiful, joyful, smiling and cheerful. She likes children, as she wanted to be a teacher and teach Spanish in England, Wow!!
Also she likes football, (Liverpool supporter, of course), and she told us that she liked Fernando Torres but now she does not like him anymore.
She likes pizza, strawberries, red color, and her favourite planet is Saturn.
We know many things about her, and we like her.


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